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Swanage June 2021

Much like EURO 2020, Swanage 2020 was postponed to 2021 but after a year of waiting finally took place on the first weekend in June.  Due to circumstances beyond our control (let’s not go into that again), this time the trip was for qualified divers only and consisted of 10 club members descending on a very busy Swanage on Friday night ready for a good night’s sleep before a packed weekend of diving.  


Julian & Luke S arrived at their (own booked) accommodation to find that it was unexpectedly CLOSED!!!! But after a frantic search they managed to find a suitable room.  On a beautiful Saturday morning, all divers were at the pier bright and early (6:15am) with cars full of dive kit in order to secure a parking space on the pier for the day. The dives on Saturday were: Fleur de Lys, Valentine Tanks then Peveril Ledges Drift.  The visibility was an outstanding 8 meters or so on every dive with plenty of schooling fish: Bib, Pollack, Dogfish, Starfish, Lobster, Crabs, Brittle Stars, Nudibranch, huge Conger Eels under the Valentine Tanks as well as an abundance of soft and hard corals particularly on the Peveril Ledges.  We all got together in the evening for a meal at The Ship Inn, on 2 separate tables, for a few bevies and a general chinwag.


Sunday was again an early start but was an overcast day so after a chat with Divers Down and their assurances about our safety, 6 club divers plus 2 other divers motored out on Spike for a dive on the Kyarra.  Due to the surface conditions, the visibility was slightly less than Saturday but still very good. After getting back on the dive boat and starting to return back to shore, one of the divers suddenly shouted DOLPHINS!!!! We than hung around for a while whilst a pod of dolphins swam around Spike and even at one point surfing under our bow wave.  The next dive was back on the Fleur de Lys and the 3rd boat dive was on the Clan MacVey, which was under the rather dramatic sea mist that was still hanging around.


A very successful dive trip for the club with the added bonus of great visibility and dolphins.  Thanks to all dive buddies: Ron, Luke M, Luke S, Julian, Graham, Mary, Mark, Kay, Steve C & Malcolm.

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