Equipment Service Charges

Scuba equipment maintenance can be arranged by the club on behalf of members. The following charges apply for 2018/19:

Hydrostatic Test  (including air fill):    £40.00

Visual Test  (including air fill):              £30.00

Valve Clean / Overhaul incl. Kit:          £18.00

Internal Shot Blast:                                £17.50

External Shot Blast and respray:         £40.00  

Nitrox  Cleaning Cylinder:                      £17.50

Nitrox  Cleaning Valve:                           £9.00 


 Twin Sets must be broken down into two separate cylinders 

For testing . 

(All prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%.)

Contact Tim Boyes to arrange.

Please note: Although equipment is held securely, members should ensure their equipment insurance applies whilst items are away from home.