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Training venues

We use the following UK venues for training and to refresh skills:


Basildon Underwater Studio  is a 6m deep warm water pool ideally suited to training novice divers, or for more experienced to practice and further their skills. Cllick here for the company website.

Stoney Cove  is a flooded quarry in Leicestershire, providing good facilities and varying depths from 6 to 30 metres. Numerous 'wrecks' have been created and there is an on-site dive shop, cafe and bar! See website here.


Gildenburgh Water  is located at Whittlesey near Peterborough. A former brickworks, it is now a lake with depths varying from 1m - 22m. Water entry and descent can be via a series of platforms and is therefore ideal for learners. A range of sunken vehicles and objects at a range of depths are home to a variety of fish!  Click here for their website.

Holborough Lakes is a former chalk quarry at Snodland, Kent. A slipway provides an easy access alternative to the jetty and the lake slopes to 12m at its deepest. Click here for more information.

Newhaven on the South coast provides access to sea diving for both trainee and experienced divers. Hard boat trips can be booked via organisations such as Sea-zones.

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