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Mary Dorney


My husband Graham and I have been diving since 1991 when we first joined the Harwich Scuba Diving Club within which we progressed our training and experience over many dive trips in the UK and abroad and became qualified Dive Leaders.


We both joined Sudbury Scuba BSAC Club in 2016 and I gained my Assistant Instructor qualification in 2018. In 2019 I was elected Chairperson of the Club.


For me, Scuba Diving is not just an enjoyable hobby, it has given me some of the most memorable experiences of my life and an invaluable insight into the underwater world and consequently a desire to do what I can to protect the planet both above and below the water line. 

Graham Dorney

Training Officer & Dive Officer

My wife Mary and I have been diving since 1991 when we first joined the Harwich Scuba Diving Club within which we progressed our training and experience over many dive trips in the UK and abroad and became qualified Dive Leaders.


We both joined Sudbury Scuba BSAC Club in 2016 after which I decided that I would like to take a more active part in diver training. I first gained my Assistant Instructor and then went on to full Open Water Instructor qualifications. In 2017 I was elected Training Officer for the Club.


Now, with the invaluable assistance of the expanding Club’s Instructor and Dive Leader team, I am thoroughly enjoying organising and running the training of our Diver Trainees. As a Club we are well positioned to extend the training and experience of new and existing club members.


Mary and I continue to thoroughly enjoy our UK and overseas diving, especially when it is part of a Club trip as it is always great fun, and even better when you get to share these experiences with friends who share a common passion for diving. 

Julian Stiff


Having first tried Scuba diving some 25 years ago with my partner, while on holiday in Turkey, she had an Asthma attack while under water, so this didn’t go any further.

Roll forward 11 years. While sitting on the beach in Dahab Egypt, I decided to go for a Try Dive with Emperor Divers and was hooked. 6 Months later I passed my PADI open water and shortly afterwards my PADI Advanced.

With my partner’s passion for travel and sunshine, our holidays started to involve a beach somewhere hot, that also had a local Dive School.

After a few years of holiday diving, I was chatting to the former club Chairman Andy Gates down the local pub about UK diving and Sudbury Scuba Club, so, decided to join. Since joining this has given me the opportunity to dive more frequently.

I have been fortunate enough to dive around the world, from places like the Maldives, Kenya, Egypt, and seen Manta, Sharks, Eagle Rays, to name a few, but some of the best dive experiences have been in the UK, such as my first open water dive on the Black Hawk Bow off Lulworth Cove, diving with Seals in Scotland and an abundance of nudibranches on the Fleur De Lys and Barge wrecks in Swanage Bay.

Since joining the club, I have now progressed to Dive Leader and Assistant Dive Instructor, so that I can pass on my passion for diving to others. But the learning doesn’t stop there for me, I have always enjoyed the science behind diving and have started getting into the more technical side. I have recently qualified as a twin set diver, meaning that I can take more air with me and stay down for longer and once the Covid pandemic is over hope to progress to Rebreathers.

Aiden Lawes


My first dive was a try dive at the club in 2019, which I found to be a great experience. I then went on to start my Ocean Diver course at the end of that year and, after the pandemic, I eventually completed my course in 2021.

I am now going on my first diving holiday with club members to Egypt and I am looking forward to more opportunities in the future. Furthermore, I hope to complete my Sports Diver course in 2022, hopefully with no global problems holding me back.

Emily Shoesmith-Dean

Welfare Officer

Awaiting biog

Richard Jacques

Membership Secretary

I am now a fully qualified Sports Diver having dived at numerous locations around the Uk and abroad. My favourite dive so far was in Cyprus on the Zenobia wreck.

I completed a try dive with Sudbury Scuba Club in 2022. I really enjoyed both the diving and welcome by all the club members, so I signed up for the next available Ocean Diver Course.

Jane Bertram

Social Secretary

About five years ago I went to Egypt on holiday with a friend and had a chance to do a try dive in the Red Sea. After stepping off the boat into the sea, feeling terrified, then seeing the coral,  fish and turtles, I thought how amazing it was. On returning home I looked for lessons in scuba diving and found our club. Plucking up the courage to  go down to the pool, I found many people who were so excited about diving. All full of advice with some long term experienced trainers. l soon signed up and the rest is history.  I just love diving with the club and wish I had done it sooner. Only took 30 years, but life gets in the way. I arrange the club Christmas Dinner and other social events ,so if you want or have any ideas and activities contact me....happy safe diving.

Tim Boyes

Equipment Officer

I had a try dive with Sudbury Scuba Club back in 2015 and really enjoyed both the diving and the welcome given by the club members, so signed up for the Ocean Diver course with my wife, Tina.


The training included trips to inland dive sites and to Swanage in Dorset, which was very enjoyable both for the experience and for getting to know others in the club. The volunteer instructors for the club were very supportive and we qualified in 2016, in time to dive Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This was amazing and made the training in the somewhat cooler (!) British water all the more worthwhile. 


As Equipment Officer I’ve enjoyed getting involved in the running of the club and it has been great to see the club grow in numbers over the years. I also maintain the club website.


After numerous trips with the club to UK sites and Egypt, Malta and Lanzarote, I was ready to progress to Sports Diver level, which I completed in 2020.


I’m looking forward to diving as Tina’s buddy here and abroad, plus more trips with the club whenever the opportunity arises!

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