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Dive Trips Archive

Farne Islands October 2020:  

See dive report here.

Basildon November 2019:  Another enjoyable trip to the Underwater Studios in Basildon. As usual this was a good opportunity for diver trainees to experience depths up to 6 metres in warm, safe conditions. Plenty of skills practice and general watery fun was also undertaken!  Click here for photos.

Malta October 2019:  Ten members had a fun week in the St Paul's Bay area of Malta, enjoying good weather to see a variety of reefs and wrecks in warm, clear water. Dive operator Maltaqua provided good accommodation and guides, providing diving suitable for the range of experience in the group. Sites included Cirkewwa reefs, Ghar Lapsi reef and caves (click here for video), wreck of Maori and reef in St Elmo's Bay, Um El-Faroud wreck, Wied iz-Zurriek reef, and the P31 patrol boat wreck and Santa Maria caves at Comino. Click here for photos

Gildenburgh September 2019:  Unseasonably good weather at the quarry lake for some Sports Diver training - shame about the viz! Thanks for the instruction and support to Graham, Mary, Mark and John.

Stoney Cove August 2019:  A good training session for some of our budding Sports Divers.

Newhaven July 2019:  Good weather for the weekend but visibility not so good - that's the chance you take with UK diving! 

Swanage June 2019:  A beautiful first day (and not bad second) on the Dorset coast, with decent visibility and a calm sea. Good times and excellent food at the Black Swan. Photos here.

Stoney Cove April 2019:  A bright but chilly day at a very busy Stoney. Visibility not great but enjoyable diving if you like cool water!

Basildon March 2019:  Another very enjoyable dive in the warm waters of Basildon Studios. Good turnout again and some good training and skills practice undertaken. 

Hyperbaric Chamber 'Dive':  A band of club members visited the chamber at Whipp's Cross Hospital, London, to experience conditions as if they were at a depth of 40 metres. A lot of laughs and very informative, thanks to the great staff at Whipps Cross and to Mark for the organisation.


Basildon:  Another good turn out to the under water studio in Basildon on 1 December 2018 for some training, practice and general messing about. A few photos below:

Red Sea Live-aboard: Twelve club members flew to Egypt in October 2018 for a week aboard the Whirlwind. Setting off from Hurghada, a wide variety of dive sites were visited and many wrecks and reefs were dived, both in daylight and at night. good food, accommodation and crew made for a very enjoyable week. Click here for the itinerary and click here for photos..


Stoney Cove: Various club members travelled up to Staffordshire on two occasions in August 2018 for some training/practice diving. Good conditions and a good venue made for enjoyable days out. Click here for more photos. 


Swanage June 2018:  We were blessed again with excellent weather and diving over the weekend of 2-3 June.

Click here for Swanage photos.


Basildon Underwater Studio: A great turnout for the club trip in March 2018 to the 6m tank in Basildon, which gave trainees some invaluable experience in very comfortable water and our more experienced members a chance to practice and improve their skills. Plenty of photos and a few videos on our Facebook pages and a selection here

Eyemouth September 2017: A great weekend was had by a big group of members and some partners in sunny Scotland. Julian had chartered places on two small boats, which took us for 3 dives around the Isle of May on Saturday and a couple of more local dives on Sunday. We were blessed again with very good viz and unexpectedly good weather. The seals we had hoped to dive with stayed away (apart from one hassling Luke S!) but saw plenty of them plus an amazing pod of dolphins. Thanks for organising, Julian!  

Swanage May 2017:  Sixteen club members enjoyed an amazing weekend's diving at Swanage, where visibility was the best locals had seen for 6 years! The weather was excellent most of the time and many people managed 4 dives on both days, including pier dives, Old Harry Drift and the Valentine Tanks, Fleur de Lys and Betsy Ann wrecks. Caravan accommodation at the Swanage Coastal Park was very good - amazing views from the hill and not too far to walk into town for good food. Photos here (and more on Facebook). Thanks very much to Lauren, Justin and everyone else involved in making it such a successful trip.


Basildon Deep Pool 10th September 2016:  So many members were up for this that we had to book two sessions!  Good fun had by all, with underwater hockey played VERY enthusiastically, egg and spoon races, wheelbarrow races and skills practice all going down well.


River Stour Dive 7th September 2016:  A good turnout on a beautiful evening. The water was clear (to begin with) and some members managed to see some sizeable fish! This was followed by a lively session at the Quay Theatre bar.

Newhaven - September 3rd and 4th - The Seazones hard boat trip from Newhaven Marina went ahead on the Saturday but despite a gloriously clear sunny day (or maybe because of it?), underwater visibility was very poor so the first dive was cut short and the planned drift dive was canned. Disappointing,  but a valuable experience for recently qualified Ocean Divers Tim and Tina. Sunday had had to be abandoned due to the weather forecast, so some of the group diverted to Buckland Lake and had a good dive.

Stoney Cove 27 July 2016 - Graham, Luke S and Justin enjoyed a day's diving to see the wreck of the 'Gresham Ship'. See their dive report here.

Gildenburgh 25-26 June 2016 - Good weekend of diving for Jane and Katie, who completed their Ocean Diver training and were joined on Saturday by Tina & Tim. Great support from Luke Mynott, Julian Stiff and Ron Smith, thanks.  

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