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Pool Safety
Pool Safety

We are required by South Suffolk Leisure to provide a poolside rescue diver to assist in the event of a problem in the pool, this is due to the pool lifeguards not being sufficiently conversant with our equipment in the event of an emergency.  The rescue diver will have a mask, snorkel and fins available, and be ready to immediately assist from the poolside in the event of an incident, this person will be identified before any divers enter the pool and be present when buddy checks are conducted.


No diver is to enter the water alone, therefore buddies will be identified before commencing any diving activity, a thorough buddy check will be carried out before entering the water, where buddies will remain in sight of each other throughout the activity.


Proper training is paramount to the safety of all, if you are not trained in the use of specialist equipment it is not to be used except under instruction and strict supervision.  Our training team are able to give proper instruction in the safe use of equipment and the individual is to be certified as competent before attempting to use it.  Please speak to one of the instructors if you need to be trained or need further training.


Sudbury Scuba strives to be an active and social club encouraging individuals to take part and organise events.  The club wants all members to enjoy safe diving.


Graham Pearce

Diving Officer Sudbury Scuba


Graham Dorney

Training Officer Sudbury Scuba

December 2017

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